"We import the best bloodlines from Germany and Europe, therefore producing the best Rottweiler puppies around"

Chris Cole

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Rottweiler puppies for sale in Louisiana

Hello, My name is Chris Cole. We are a small rottweiler kennel located in Kinder Louisiana. It is a small city located between Baton Rouge and Lake Charles Louisiana. I have been very active in the rottweiler breed. We show our dogs in German style sieger shows under the USRC, AIRK, RKNA and NIRK. We also take the time to have all our breeding dogs examined by international judges under the IABCA, and every dog is temperament tested with the ATTS. In our short time as a kennel I have served as vice president of the Praterstrasse Working Rottweiler Klub (USRC), Co-founded the South Louisiana Rottweiler Klub (AIRK), currently President of the Arcadian Rottweiler Klub, and serve as the Vice President of both the SLRK and Bayou State Rottweiler Klub.

The passion for our Rottweilers allows us to an special approach toward breeding our Rottweiler dogs. We study both pedigrees of the Rottweiler male and female Rottweiler to see what lines each one needs to compliment each other. We also watch for any heriditary faults in the bloodline. Our Rottweiler kennel believes the bloodline means everything for good conformation and health. We have all our Rottweiler dogs xrays sent to FCI radiologist to read the xrays. We also take the time to do the AKC Canine Good Citizen Test on our Rottweiler adults and we temperament test each of our Rottweiler dogs.This insures we try to produce some of the best healthy dogs with great temperaments.

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Chris Cole

Kinder, LA

(225) 505-5949